Facultative Reinsurance

What is Facultative?

Facultative is reinsurance for our one-to-one relationships, for meeting individual client needs with singular solutions. It is reinsurance provided on a single policy - the perfect way to continually serve each client. These custom tailored policies provide the best individual coverage and offer full protection to our clients.

Facultative is creative

It's global, like you want it to be. And it's local and personalized, as you like it. Facultative is the embodiment of our promise: customized answers in the form of information, expertise and capacity.

Why buy Facultative?

Some common reasons are:

  • Accommodate insurance agents and retail brokers by giving them the flexibility to offer more services
  • Capacity: offer limits in excess of treaty
  • Avoid swings in profit centers by bringing predictability to an insurer's book of business
  • Offer new lines of business
  • Surplus protection
  • Treaty exclusion
  • Treaty protection

Doing Business With Us

You can submit a risk any way that is convenient for you. By email, online, by mail, fax, through, our Facultative web solution. American Indemnity Guarantee prides itself on fast turnaround times. We aim to provide quotes within 24 hours during the business week when we have complete risk information.

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